PEPSICO Baking Innovation |Monterrey, N.L.

  • Energy Monitors in all Substations and Emergency Power Plant. (Central Plant Control)
  • Voice and Data Infrastructure.
  • Electrical energy consumption measurement systems.
  • Building Management System (BMS).

Harman Audio|Tijuana, B.C.

Building control and management system.

Hotel Ibis |Tijuana, B.C.

  • Building Control and Management System.
  • Air conditioning automation system.
  • Voice and Data Infrastructure.
  • Electrical Energy Metering by Groups of Large Consumers.
  • Building Management System (BMS).

Technological Innovation that Increases Profitability

Project Management

Design, implementation, execution management, commissioning, service.

Access Control

Comprehensive interoperable security.


Video Analytics, full integration.

Control and Automation

Rational use of energy.

Control and Monitoring

Certainty and efficiency in the operation.

Consumption Monitoring

Energy, Fluids, Gases, Fuels.

Consumption Billing

(Tenant Billing)

Fire Alarm

Protection of human life.